FAQs: Hiring Kitchen Stewards In Dubai

FAQs: Hiring Kitchen Stewards In Dubai

Cleanliness is a crucial defining factor in running a successful commercial kitchen in a restaurant, cloud, or dark kitchen. Kitchens are spaces that have hundreds of items like utensils, crockery, cooking counters, assembling areas, washing raw food materials space, cleaning dishes and several people working and moving around. Managing all this and keeping up to the demands of customers in a limited time to delivery is a unique skill. An expert Kitchen steward will keep kitchens spotless and organized, so that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

What is the primary role of a kitchen steward?

Kitchen stewards are experts who manage and supervise the cleanliness of the kitchen amidst the chaos and frenzy in the kitchen. The long list of duties and responsibilities of kitchen stewards are listed below:

- Ensure an organised, hygienic, clean and well-maintained kitchen at all times 

- Keep floors spotless and waste bin areas tidy, ready for inspection at any time.

- Comply with Dubai municipality guidelines for hygiene and sanitisation. 

- Ensure equipment is in working order and be proficient in industrial kitchen machinery usage 

- Ensure proper cleaning, sweeping, washing dishes, kitchen countertops, emptying waste bins, sorting and stacking of dishes 

- Report all cleanliness and maintenance issues to supervisors promptly.

- Be aware of recycling methods and adhere to the recycling guidelines.

- Comply kitchen safety standards regularly

- Keep track of damage and repairs of water systems, gas pipes, or other circulation systems.

- Maintain professional and courteous relationships with all kitchen staff and the management.

What are the qualifications of kitchen stewards?

There are no specific qualifications for kitchen stewards. The best capability is the experience of working in a kitchen and understanding kitchen operations well. Kitchen stewards must have the ability to work under pressure and multitask in fast-paced environments. Moreover, they need to be highly flexible, responsive and detail-oriented in everything they do – and magnum plus provides just the right fit for you.

How do you find a qualified and experienced kitchen steward in Dubai?

Kitchen stewards are special skill assistants, and finding the right kitchen steward supplier in Dubai can be a daunting task.  Magnum Plus, on the other hand, streamlines the recruiting process for its clients, ensuring a hassle free hiring experience. We provide experienced and background verified stewards who understand Dubai norms and culture to serve the client and their customers.  Our staffing criteria are tailored by seniority, experience, languages, work permit, and location.

What are the benefits included for outsourcing kitchen steward to magnum plus?

magnumplus offers full expertise and flexibility to clients by helping them identify great candidates on a contractual basis to fill positions faster. All staff are deployed under magnumplus visa, accommodation & Payroll. Outsourcing your staff to Magnumplus means:

- Access to specialization

- On-time deployment 

- Cost-effective & flexible contracts

- Visa Quota/ Designation Limitations

- 100% compliance & hassle-free

- Accommodation, payroll and roster management

- Unrivaled customer service & round-the-clock support


Appointing kitchen steward suppliers who understand the industry requirements will provide you with different options, and, most importantly, quality-staffing solutions. As one of Dubai's trusted kitchen steward supplier, we offer a wide range of permanent, temporary and part-time staffing depending on the client's needs.