About Us

About Us

The management and staff of magunmplus are committed to the continual improvement of the services we provide and strive to deliver quality standards.

magunmplus recognises that desired quality standards are only achievable with the help of a skilled and motivated workforce and therefore people have always been at the core of our business - to manage reliable, competent, independent employees that take responsibility and pride in their work.

magunmplus has developed a culture based on strong vision and a set of values which puts people first. Our team are passionate about creating new partnerships and excited about the prospects of adding new personnel to our client base

with magunmplus you will find

Attention to every little detail

Professional, Trained and Dedicated Employees only

Quality control team to supervise employees at site

Affordable, competitive rates

Response time less than 60 minutes


At magunmplus, we hold an impeccable reputation for caring and attending to the welfare of our workforce in addition to ensuring their health and safety. Our operations department is assigned with effectively managing the medical needs, transportation, accommodation and other amenities of our members and in addition to this all employees undergo routine in-house wellness examinations.

Our safety culture is reinforced by training and good operational work practices. This enables us to sign on to, support and comply with the safety related operational procedures of main contractors.