Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

First-Class Customer Service
First-Class Customer Service
More Than 10 Years of Experience
More Than 10 Years of Experience
Dedicated Account Management
Dedicated Account Manager

Make your residential and office areas shine with our professional deep cleaning services. We at Magnum plus help you keep your living and workspaces clean and hygiene. Let’s face it no matter the hard work and the efforts you put in keeping the house or office clean there is always that hidden spot, the spot you couldn’t reach, the spot that is too hard to clean and takes up three fourth of your entire day. These spots can be a health hazard and can easily spoil the environment if it does not tend to in the right way. We at Magnum plus make sure all your needs are met professionally.

Professional Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

Our uniformed staff follows a strict set of guidelines for our professional deep cleaning services. We will make sure they are fully trained and regular so that all the work that is needed to be done is regulated within them. You need not worry as all the work and the organizing will be done by our team professionally making the work process hassle-free and completed on time. Our management team will ensure all the work done is effective with highly competitive prices.

How We Generally Work
We will come to inspect the premises that need to be cleaned, based on the requirements and the number of days/weeks that the work needs to be carried out our team will generate a quote. With the finalization of the quote, we will take on from there.

Best deep cleaning services in Dubai

Our team will look into the nooks and corners of your residential/professional area and make sure every corner is squeaky clean. We are rated as one of the best deep cleaning services in Dubai with 100+ satisfied customers in and around Dubai. With competitive prices, we provide the best professional services in Dubai and make sure you are left with good as new premises.

We take special care of your delicate floors and walls. Our deep clean services include

  • • Entranceways and corridors
  • • Conference rooms
  • • Common areas
  • • Elevators and stairways
  • • Dusting of workspaces, surface areas and office equipment
  • • Trash collection and disposing
  • • Kitchen and Break Room cleaning and disinfecting
  • • Restroom cleaning and disinfecting
  • • Vacuuming carpets and rugs
  • • Sweeping and mopping floors

Our team makes sure we follow all your requirements and guidelines. Our staffs are in uniform and are highly professional. Our process is ISO 9001:2015 certified, thus making it one of the best in the industry. Our prices are highly competitive among the market! We make sure all the area are disinfected and polished as per needs so you get the best out of our deep cleaning services. Contact us now and avail professional deep cleaning services in Dubai or call us at +971 4 388 5404.

Make your residential or office area clean and fresh with Magnum plus today.