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Hire a Professional Swimming Pool cleaning company in Dubai

Keeping swimming pools clean and hygienic in residential and commercial recreation facilities is challenging. Untreated pool water poses unseen health threats, including pollutants that conventional cleaning methods don’t tackle, making it an environment prone to both pathogens and slip hazards.

To ensure that swimming pools are safe and pleasant to use, as well as hygienic at a microscopic level, you should hire a professional Swimming pool cleaning services that not only offer regular cleaning services but also provide maintenance to prolong the life of your swimming pool.

magnum plus is the most trusted Swimming Pool Cleaning Company in Dubai

magnum plus provides a full line of reliable and professional swimming pool cleaning services in Dubai. We have experience to clean swimming pools of all types – from private and community pools to Olympic-size swimming facilities. Whether you need chemical-only, brush baskets, or full-service cleaning, you can count on us.

Over a decade of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients have given us the reputation as one of the trusted and reliable swimming pool maintenance companies in Dubai.

Expert Swimming Pool Cleaning Services in Dubai – High-quality service, Great value for money.

From inspection, cleaning, chemical treatments and routine maintenance, we use industry-standard & Dubai Municipality-approved cleaning products to get and keep your pool clean all year long.

At magnum plus, we follow a very strict cleaning process that helps balance chemicals and remove pollutants and debris to keep pumps and other mechanisms fully operational. Our team of qualified specialists is well-versed in all aspects of swimming pool cleaning, rest assured that your swimming pool will be cleaned to perfection.

Our scope of work includes:

Floating debris removal – We use a pool vacuum or net skimmer to remove leaves, grass clippings, or other organic matter in the water. Additionally, we use a pump and filter combination, a pool vacuum or special debris-filtering equipment to clean the bottom of the swimming pool.

Pool tiles brushing - The tiles in the swimming pool play a massive role in the pool's appearance. However, stains or grime accumulated on the tiles at the pool's waterline or fill line. These include mineral deposits, sunscreen, body oil, etc. With innovative cleaning methods and a stiff-bristled scrub brush, our expert cleaners will scrub away the build-up that will leave your swimming pool sparkling.

Pool vacuuming - The bottom of a swimming pool collects a lot of dirt and microorganisms. To maintain your pool clean and safe to use, we use pool vacuums that come in a variety of shapes and sizes that removes accumulated dirt and debris at the bottom of the pool.

Chemical treatment - One of the most important factors of pool maintenance is chemical levels. Water that isn't correctly balanced appears muddy, hurts skin and eyes, and can turn your pool into a bacteria breeding ground. In order to prevent that, we use Dubai-municipality-approved solutions that include flotation agents, pH regulators, and disinfectants to make sure your pool’s chemicals are at constant levels and the water is perfectly clear, odorless, safe and free of harmful pathogens.

Cleaning pump room and equipment - Your pool's filter is responsible for eliminating pollutants from the water. We tailor equipment cleaning & maintenance requirements, depending on the type of filter and how often a pool is used.

Water level top-up - A significant amount of water in swimming pools will be lost due to evaporation and typical reasons, such as swimming, splashing, and people departing the pool. As a part of our cleaning routine, we also make sure to bring the water level up to safe levels and ensure it doesn't go below the skimmer's level which can cause the pump to damage.


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